How It Works

How it Works

MO Allows Restaurants To

Use incremental labor to drive top-line sales

Expand based on contracted sales

Easy omni-channel deployment through digital fulfillment


If you want to start a restaurant you have two choices: start it yourself, or get a franchise. Starting yourself means you face a stark reality: nearly 90% of restaurants fail. Getting a franchise is safer, but also means most of your revenue is split between middlemen and corporations, leaving the franchisee not as an owner but an employee of the brand.

We believe restaurant operators need four major tools in the post-pandemic economy:

  1. Access to virtual brands which only live in digital apps.
  2. Raw ingredients and last mile economies of scale.
  3. Complete kitchen monetization and utilization.
  4. Marketing support

We believe restaurant brands need three major tools:

  1. A path to scale without having to pay the costs to franchise.
  2. Labor economies of scale
  3. Marketing support

For Restaurants and Brands

The Problem


What's the value of operators joining a community?

Scale. We can go to suppliers, delivery service providers (DSP), and negotiate better rates. Large companies are paying DSP 12-17% for delivery while independent restaurants are paying 25-30%. Why? Because they don’t have power within the ecosystem, it is all slanted towards the big franchise corporations.

What's the value of a food creator or brand joining a collective?

Support. When you start a new business you don’t know what you don’t know. Designing menus, logos, finding suppliers, is time consuming and expensive. A collective will help you leap frog over hurdles and give feedback on whether your idea is likely to succeed at scale or not.